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Melco Precisions Pvt Ltd (MSW) is a specialist in High Chrome, Ni Hard White Iron, Manganese Steel and heat-resistant steel castings. We have been in this business for over 3 decades and are based 50km from the New Delhi (capital of India) International Airport in the national capital region. We are the leading custom design and manufacturing facility of Shredders, Crushers, Concrete Precast and Scrap processing wear parts and heat-resistant castings for Waste to Energy and Iron ore processing Industries.
MSW with over 30 continues to apply its knowledge of materials, casting design, machining, and CAD to produce the most reliable wear and heat-resistant replacement parts. We manufacture castings in Alloy steel and Irons for heat and wear applications with production setups in India and the Middle East exporting to the U.S, South Africa, Scandinavia, Russia, North Africa, the Middle East and Oceania. Our world-class manufacturing facilities manufacture products with a weight range of 5kg – 2000kg (in our foundries) per piece and a capacity of about 3000 tons per year from its two integrated manufacturing facilities.


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Wear Parts like impactor plates, blowbars, liners, jaw plates, cone and mantle etc for stone crushers of all types like jaw crushers, cone crushers, horizontal and vertical shaft impactors, hammer mills etc.


MSW uses several manganese and alloy grades with different compositions to suit each casting application and wear exposure. Specific formulas for our products allow us to maximize the lifetime of our castings, but at competitive prices. In addition, MSW’s quality department ensures that the technical specifications of the products as well as the expectations of our customers are met, and controls the quality chain from production to delivery, on every continent around the globe. 


Burner Nozzles, Kiln End Rings, Conveyors, Kiln Feed Chutes, Cooler Grates, Kiln Shell Segament, Slurry Feed Pipes, Liners, Slurry Pump and parts in Ni-hard and 27% Cr. materials.


Stuff Pumps & Parts, Pulp Refiner Segaments in Ni-hard & Hi-Chrome materials, Feed pipes, Liners, Grinder Parts, Sulphite Digester, Side Relief Strainers, Shell & Plug Refiner Parts, Spindle Pump Casings etc.


Sintering Plant Grate Bars and Spares, Baffles, Furnace Beams, Conveyor Parts, Furnace Door & Frames, etc.


Special purpose casting in heat, wear & corrosion resistant materials, Gas & Diesel Engine Parts i.e. Turbocharger Casings, etc.

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Melco Precisions Pvt. Ltd. manufacture castings in Alloy Steels and Iron for heat, wear and corrosion resistant applications. The ability to provide an unequalled casting supply service for any engineering application. More...


We have a large clientele of reputed clients like Kudremukh iron Ore Company Limited, NTPC, TATA, STATE ELECTRICITY BOARDS, NFL, IFFCO, HPC, CESE, BHEL Defence Railways etc. in INDIA. With over 30 years of experience, a large and varied customer base. More...

Manufacturing facilities

We have Pattern Shop, Melting Shop, Fetting Shop, Moulding Shop, Heat Treatment, Machining, Balancing. We put their needs and expectations first, and then work towards fulfilling them in a manner that gives them the best value in terms of product performance and cost. More...

Quality Control

We have Chemical Testing, Physical Testing Lab, Metallographic Lab, Non-Destructive Testing. The reason all these companies trust us implicity for all their needs of quality castings is very simple. Melco Precisions produced a wide range of castings. More...