Pattern Shop
Well equipped Pattern Shop and ancillaries for making Wooden/Metal/Expoxy/Polysterene FOAM patterns.
Melting Shop
Imported medium Frequency Induction Furnaces with 2000 Kg to 200 kg Crucibles.
Fettling Shop
Pencil hand grinders to heavy duty swing frame Grinders. Welding AC & DC type for cutting, Shot Blasting Rotating table 2000 mm.
Moulding Shop
Hand moulding is done using CO2 Silicate Sand, Resin Sand, Green Sand and consists of sand mixers of various capacities and types. Shell Moulding facility is also available.
Heat Treatment
4 Electric resistance type batch furnaces of capacity 3 Tonne, 1 Tonne, 0.6 Tonne, 0.5 Tonne. Facilities for Oil, Water & Air quenching. Arrangements available for Flame/Induction Hardening.
Very Well equipped Machine shop with Boring, Turning, Planning, Milling Shaping, Slotting, Drilling, machines. Total No. of Machines-65 nos. (all reputed makes).
Facilities for dynamic balancing of rotating parts like Impellers, Rotors etc. (Capacity 1.5 M.T.)